Monday, April 13, 2009

Royal Legacy + Verbal Lift 3rd Anniversary = GREAT TIMES!

Congrats to Cathleen St. Victor & Kurt Benjamin for keeping Verbal Lift alive for 3 Strong years! Thank you to VMC (Versatile & Mr. Chorus) for giving up their radio slot so that Verbal Lift could have a home and last but certainly not least THANK YOU to Richard Quinn for providing such a great venue and keeping the arts alive in Rockland County, NY.

Thank you VERBAL LIFT for providing so many with a place to sharpen their
craft and share their love and passion with the people. THANK YOU! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


Nigel said...

Yo dis shyit was di FOCKIN bomb!!! Shout out to my Royal Legacy fam... we tore the stage down that night... WHERE U @

The Royal Legacy Experience said...